About us

The Green Printer blog educates consumers about how easy and cost-effective it is to switch to green printing without sacrificing quality and the environment.

We are often asked why we created Green Printer. It’s an important question, as our motivations for starting the company go a long way to explaining our mission and goals.



Olga, Blog Editor
As Blog Editor, Olga overseas the writing, editing and creative work that go into making Green Printer a leading and funky blog on the environment, sustainable printing, and social networking.

Printing: a dirty industry

The co-owners of Green Printer, Alen Rokolj and Brian Schindel, have been working in the print industry for a long time. Before they started this company they were partners in a fast growing print company. The company was very successful, but over time Alen and Brian became increasingly aware of the impact their industry was having on the environment – until it was hard to ignore. The papermaking industry alone is the third largest polluting industry in the world, right behind oil manufacturing.

An idea is born

The most startling revelation came when they calculated how many trees they could save by printing on treeless and recycled content paper – the numbers were staggering. For example, they calculated that a small to medium size print shop (the size of their own company at the time) with revenues of 2.4 million dollars a year, uses an amount of paper that is equivalent to 5,076 trees a year. They started researching alternative methods of printing that created less waste and used less energy and different non-toxic inks and finishes. They realized that a much more sustainable method of printing was within reach, so Green Printer was born!

An eco-friendly choice

Today, Green Printer offers consumers an eco-friendly choice that Alen and Brian can be proud of. A big part of our work is educating consumers about the difference they can make by switching to green printing and helping their clients reach their sustainability goals. Our goal is to save between 750,000 and 1 million trees over the next ten years!

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